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My name is Paula, and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

This February marks our 26th anniversary together, but we only officially tied the knot at the registry office after 21 years of being together (2019).

I have two daughters: Isabella, who married Victor on November 20th, 2021, and Gabriella. I also have two dogs, Nero and Joaquim. My dear baby Stella became a little star in September last year…

I have been involved in paper scrapbooking for many years. In May 2006, I transitioned to digital scrapbooking and have loved it ever since. I started scrapbooking so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when, but I was a traditional scrapper until 2005, when I discovered digital scrapbooking.

I’ve been designing since 2011, when I began to sell my creations at the amazing Scrapartist Store. However, I had been working with Photoshop since 1995. I owned a stationery brand and worked on it for 15 years until I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to scrapbooking. Discovering the Scrapartist site was love at first sight! I began by making terrible pages, but after taking numerous online classes and conducting a lot of research, I improved. Eventually, I started creating my own designs, and Nancie invited me to join the Scrapartist team.

My biggest dream had always been to be part of the TLP team. After years of trying, I received an email from my dear Lynne-Marie, inviting me to create an M3 collection as a guest designer. I was ecstatic, applied for the Designer’s call, and prayed every day. Finally, I received an email in 2015 from Laura inviting me to join! I remember screaming and crying with joy; everyone in the house thought something was terribly wrong!

In addition to creating, I LOVE to travel. Now that my daughters are grown, we go on “Girls Trips” without my husband, cherishing this time together before they start their own families. I’m also learning to date my husband again, now that we have plenty of time for just the two of us. We’re enjoying taking care of our babies: Nero and Joaquim.

Owning a dog requires a lot of time, money, and commitment, but it’s guaranteed fun!

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