October M3 +31%OFF Halloween Sale!!!

I’m so excited to share the Mixed Media Monthly with you!!!
The theme is Fear / Mysterious / Secrets was created to help document
some of the stories that we may want to capture through
art journaling or in our memory keeping. I have 3 add ons that cordinate with this month’s collection:
ALL my add ons are also available for NON SUBSCRIBERS too!!!!
My Firts Add-On is this fun mini kit:
Is there intelligent life in outer space?
Do you believe in UFOs?
I do!!!

The second e third ones complement each other:
What about the future? Are you curious?
Do you believe in Clairvoyance, Fortune Telling, Astrology?

This month’s Mixed Media Monthly collection theme is
Fear / Mysterious / Secrets .
Remember all the New Releases are 20% off through Sunday!

Take a look at these amazing pages from the Pollywogs!
Be sure to check out the store listings and galleries for more!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to document so we wanted to treat you to a
31% Off Sale on all Halloween products, including those that are new.
We’re also hosting our annual Halloween Bash in the forum
with live events, games and prizes. Bring your costume too!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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