September Mixed Media Monthly is up! 

Hello there and happy Friday!
It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of September already,
but this means that the
Mixed Media Monthly Collaboration
is released!!!! YAY!
This month’s M3 is centered around themes of AGING/STORY/GRACEFUL.

When it comes to aging,
most of us have fear and uneasiness.
Everyone of us has experienced such feelings…
As I edge ever closer to 50, I’m forced to admit it:
my skin has changed, and the wrinkles I’ve dreaded for so long have appeared on my face….
I must confess that I’m not deling very well wih them…
But like Maurice Chevalier said: “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternatives.”

In addition I have 3 coordinating add-ons there!

All the New Releases are 20% off through Sunday!

By AnneofAlamo, Dalis, 4 from mimisgirl, 3 from EllenT,
AmberR, misslovescraps, Lime, rarou47,
Susan – thimbleberrie and scrappyjedi:

Happy weekend!

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