Freebie&FF – 20% OFF and 52% OFF!

Hello there!

Other day I passed in front of my daughter’s room
and listened to classical music so I asked:
“Are you listening to classical music or is it from a movie?”
I thought it would be impossible to hear it
but be the soundtrack for a TV film
and she answered:
“Of course! It’s great to study with!”
I never thought I’d see the day when she decided
to listen to some Classical Music!!!!

To celebrate this I’ve updated the shop with the
Music Collection products.
They are 20% off through the weekend,
so pop over to the shop and heck them out!

You can buy the whole Grunge Collection in one money saving Bundle!
Save 52%OFF!!!

From Erin – chickypow, Lime, Li Li Wee, Ga_L,
sbpoet, Mrs.Peel, and stampin_rachel:

And here’s the FREEBIE!

Have a wonderful weekend!


One Reply to “Freebie&FF – 20% OFF and 52% OFF!”

  1. really like this freebie, but there is no download link. Can you please fix it?
    Love from Holland, Claudia

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