Happy New Year& TLP GRAND OPENING !!!!!

I’m pleased to announce that I’m celebrating the
GRAND OPENING of my resident store at
I’m so excited!
I’m so happy with all the fantastic things that
happened at the end of 2015! I`m so blessed!
And to celebrate here are my three new BYOC products!

They are 20% OFF through the weekend.
Don’t forget to check out ALL the goodies of the BYOC at TLP!
You can take advantage of the buy more save more deal..
And here are lots of Inspiration from:
Sylvie, Susan, Mrs.Peel, Yellopeep, Lori, Kari,
Ildi, Danica, Lime, Ga_L, An, Eszter:


Thank for your continued support
I really appreciate it!
I wish you many blessings and joy in 2016!
Happy New Year for you all and for your family!!
That your wishes come true!

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