Something Old, Something New is packed with 4 amazing kits at 50% OFF!

Good Wednesday morning, my sweets!
This week’s Something Old, Something New
is packed with 4 amazing kits at 50% OFF

through Wednesday only! So, shop now and save!I want to share with you my SOSN selection:
My fist kits are the NEW ones:

and the Old ones:

And you can by 6 packs for just $6!
Save 73%!

Be sure to grab them TODAY as tomorrow they
will be with the regular price again!

In other news, it’s almost time for the April BYOC!
Watch your inbox on Friday morning
for the releases of all the products.
But here’s a sneak peek to get you started…

The DesignCuts newest
The Creative Designer’s Complete Illustration
Kit has arrived and it’s absolutely huge!
They’ve included literally thousands of resources from some of the world’s top designers.
You’ll find everything from floral wreathes, to cute animals, feathers,
dreamcatchers, paint brush marks, splatters, textures, hand-drawn patterns,
and so much more. As each illustration is isolated from its background
and ready to use, you can literally pick and choose from
this vast library and drag/drop your chosen illustrations into your work.

This bundle includes our extended license, which gives you the
most creative freedom you can find anywhere for these items.
This is a unique chance to own all of these resources,
saving 99% off the regular price.
This bundle is only available for 2 weeks,
so we hope that you’ll grab it while it’s still available.

Thanks for reading! Happy scrapping!

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