Jagged Edges/Pixelation: How to fix it Tutorial

Today I had a little problem with a image…It was Jagged Edges/Pixelation:

This occours when viewed at 100%, it’s pixelated and has jaggy edges.

Adobe Photoshop brings together dozens of photo retouching tools and digital artwork brushes to provide digital photographers and illustrators a wide range of options. Jagged edges are a common problem with low megapixel cameras since they cannot reproduce diagonal lines perfectly — instead creating jagged lines that resemble stairs. You can remove jagged edges by smoothing the entire photograph, or by smoothing the edges manually.



So here’s a little guide to fix this problem of your images:

Manually Bluring Edges

  • 1

    Load Photoshop by clicking on its icon.

  • 2

    Open the image you wish to adjust.

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  • 3

    Select the Blur tool from the toolbox on the left-hand side of the page. The Blur tool icon looks like a grey tear drop.

  • 4

    Trace the jagged edges with the blur tool while holding down the left mouse button. The blur tool softens rough edges only where you click and drag the cursor.

Bluring the Entire Photograph

  • 5

    Load Photoshop by clicking on its icon.

  • 6

    Open the image you wish to adjust.

  • 7

    Click on “Filter” from the list of options at the top of the workspace. A sub-menu appears.

  • 8

    Click on “Blur” in the Filter sub-menu to expand the blur filter list.

  • 9

    Select either “Blur” or “Blur More” from the blur filter list. This applies a blurring effect to the entire image.




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